Welcome to Mythical Journey’s new news page and blog, the Town Crier. Here we’ll post about events, how-tos, game-world information, and more. This isn’t a replacement for MythicalJourneys.com, but a multimedia supplement!

Adventure awaits

The Fall 1 event is set for August 24-26. Player Preregistration is closed, but we happily accept new cast members to join us in taking on several non-player character roles and learn the system while engaging with our regular players under several guises. Best part of casting? It’s free. We feed, house, and outfit you. Learn more.


Announcing your winners!

This was an excellent contest! If you haven’t had the chance, please check out our last post that has everyone’s art, stories, and video submissions. You’re a talented group, and 191 votes later, we can announce our winners! First Prize: An Interlude Between Gathers This was an engaging story from one of Eldyrwood’s adventurous Shaman, …