Eventide 2017

In a few days, our holiday kicks off. This year, the Sultan of the Sandridden Plains is sponsoring our festivities, giving the Felnar celebrations of Eventide a unique flavor. Here’s what you can expect this year:

Crypting Contest

From 12 – 3 bells on Satyrsday, Krystof de Versyss, will be judging the Crypting Contest.

Decorate your cabins, as is our tradition in Felnar, to resemble the tombs and crypts of Pendaan in order to ward off the dead when the veils are thinnest.  Also, in honor of Sandridden Plains

Viewing by the judges will be between 12 bells and 3 bell on Satyrsday,
With the winners announced during the Eventide feast that night!

Martial Might and Fighting Expo
At 3 bells on Satyrsday! In the Fighting Pits/Ampitheater. Your host, Taviendar, has more details:

The Baronness Fienna Welgory of Felnar and the Sultan Salah Bin Khalaf Al’Anka of the Sandridden Plains are hosting a martial competition in celebration of Eventide.

Rewards will be provided by our generous hosts. Healers will be present to provide aid to those that fall in combat.

Team Competition
Format: Single Elimination

Entrants: Teams of up to 3 people. “Teams” of 1 or 2 are acceptable. All entrants must be in good legal standing.

Combat Restrictions: NONE (with exception to illegal practices, such as poisoning the competition) – Teams are encouraged to diversify their capabilities. Practitioners of arcane and faith-based magics are encouraged to participate. All entrants must stay within the boundaries of the arena.

Free-for-all Melee
Format: Last Person Standing
Entrants: All entrants must be in good legal standing.
Combat Restrictions: NONE (with exception to illegal practices, such as poisoning the competition). All entrants must stay within the boundaries of the arena.

For more information, see the post.

Bardic Circle
At 4 bells, please join us in the amphitheater for a communal-style bardic in the form of our Southern relations. To entertain our guests and one another, let us sit together in a circle, as the nomads following their Pashas do, and exchange songs, riddles, jokes, dances, and more. Let our stories shield our spirits as the veil between worlds grows thin.

To accommodate those who must dine elsewhere, we ask that participants only share pieces that are 2 – 3 ticks long. Those coming to the circle that wish to hear and see, but not perform, may do so by sharing with the performers tokens (compliments, food, water, other small gifts).

There is no winner to be crowned, no grand prize to be sought, though the Sultan is giving restorative consumables to the performers as thanks for their participation.

Evening Party and Dance 
We will be entertaining the favored son of the Sultan on Satyrsday Evening, complete with food and drink provided by residents to share in the custom of our benefactors. Those bringing food or drink, or interested in doing so, should state that here.

Also,  please be on the lookout for a dance led by our own, Raeven. She and other performers will dance and teach a few steps that should be both fun and easy to do.  Dance lesson info is also found here!


Monarch of Straw Competition
The Purkish Tradition that invaded last year continues with another annual contest on what scarecrow will be given the title King/Queen of Straw and preside over watching our fields for another year. Last year, Maille’s Brunnhilde won. Who will get the title back this year? Tazmin shall be our judge! Please bring your scarecrows to town by the 9 bells on Suns Day!

Prizes to be won!

Canvas and Cups
Led by the talented, Sano Qualdpo Shakkur, you can learn the joy of painting.To mark an end to the holiday season, participants will paint a Cornucopia filled with produce, setting suns, gilded gourds, fairy’s lanterns, and other gorgeous components.

This lesson is suitable for residents of all artistic abilities. This will likely happen after Breaking Fast on Sun’s Day. Refreshments, paints, and instruction will be available. There are a spots left, please register here.