Announcing our Contest Winners

Here are the winners of our Summer Art Contest!

Kel’s “A Year and Day”

The podcast format has been catching a lot of people’s attention in our community. Here is our Grand Prize Winner.

Kirk Felton’s “Defender’s of the Bridge”

Our second place winner brings us another amazing comic adventure.

Rick Hendrick’s “Delve of the Mist” Play

Read the whole thing by clicking above

Thank you, once again for submitting your work to the contest, and we look forward to seeing you on August 23!

Summer Vacation Art contest.

Here we are! Our submissions were few this time around, but wonderfully entertaining.

First up, Nessa brings us a dream …. or was it?

I had a dream that me, Tuvon, Tor and Marténe and I went mini golfing in Cragsmoor….it couldn’t possibly be true, could it? I didn’t think so until I found this in my desk drawer…

Nessa Golf

Then Jean-Robert brings us this riveting new comic.

Eligio’s awesome play has a new excerpt:

Click to read the whole script.

And Kel continues his amazing audio interludes:

We’re collecting the votes over the next week! You can vote for your favorites here: