Announcing our Contest Winners

Here are the winners of our Summer Art Contest!

Kel’s “A Year and Day”

The podcast format has been catching a lot of people’s attention in our community. Here is our Grand Prize Winner.

Kirk Felton’s “Defender’s of the Bridge”

Our second place winner brings us another amazing comic adventure.

Rick Hendrick’s “Delve of the Mist” Play

Read the whole thing by clicking above

Thank you, once again for submitting your work to the contest, and we look forward to seeing you on August 23!

Summer Vacation Art contest.

Here we are! Our submissions were few this time around, but wonderfully entertaining.

First up, Nessa brings us a dream …. or was it?

I had a dream that me, Tuvon, Tor and Marténe and I went mini golfing in Cragsmoor….it couldn’t possibly be true, could it? I didn’t think so until I found this in my desk drawer…

Nessa Golf

Then Jean-Robert brings us this riveting new comic.

Eligio’s awesome play has a new excerpt:

Click to read the whole script.

And Kel continues his amazing audio interludes:

We’re collecting the votes over the next week! You can vote for your favorites here:

MJ Summer Vacation Art Contest

Where have you been?

We’re a little under two months away from Mythical Journeys’ August event. Since the last event, what have your characters been up to? What do they do in the time between the Spring and Fall gathers? We want to see, hear, and/or read it. Here’s our annual Summer Vacation Art Contest.

Regardless of your artistic talent, you have a story to tell and we’re looking to showcase them. Whether it’s a podcast, video, comic, doodle, poem, or story, submit it to us by August 1 and then the community will vote for their favorites and they’ll win:

  • 200 UP – First Prize

  • 150 UP – Second
  • 100 UP – Third

Send your questions and submissions to We’re looking forward to seeing what you bring to the table.

Announcing your winners!

This was an excellent contest! If you haven’t had the chance, please check out our last post that has everyone’s art, stories, and video submissions. You’re a talented group, and 191 votes later, we can announce our winners!

First Prize: An Interlude Between Gathers

This was an engaging story from one of Eldyrwood’s adventurous Shaman, and it was a delight. You can listen to it below. If that’s not your thing, he even wrote it out for you.

Second Prize: Jean-Robert de la Rue is not Idle

Kirk Felton does it again, and gives a singular story with some continuity to his one from the Summer Contest. It was a masterful piece, and the voters responded well.

Third Prize: Raffle Tickets!

Oh, Koe, the Potato… and the verbal assault of Corvus. This funny comic kept people in stitches.

Each of the winners has received their UP prize today and we’re really proud of them. Remember, there’s still time to register for our March event, and be sure to congratulate everyone on the Mythical Journeys board!

Winter Art Contest Submissions!

Look how far we have come. As we inch ever closer to March 22’s Spring 1 event, we threw out the call for art. And we got it. But not just visual. We were sent scripts, paintings, song notes, digital art, comics, podcasts and videos. This is exactly the type of thing we were looking for, and you didn’t disappoint. Here are our artists this time around!

Kel’s an Interlude Between Gathers

A short story about the happens of Kel between gathers. One should always keep their wits about them… especially when alone in the forest…

If you don’t have the ability to listen, Kel has you covered with the short story in readable format.

Koe’s “Raffle Tickets”

The return of the potato! Koe continues the comic story of life in Eldyrwood where the language barrier and customs can lead to interesting times.

Click to enlarge

Nessa’s Winter Vacation

After months of battle and adventure, Nessa returns home to work in her Father’s business.

click to enlarge

Irinni and the Aguane

 Irinni spent large portions of her winter singing in the river with her new aquatic BFF

Click to enlarge

Marténe’s Winter

Our constable’s endurance is tested.

Click to enlarge
Click the image to enlarge.

Jean-Robert de la Rue is not idle

A newcomer to the town protects those who deserve their rest.

Click to enlarge
Click the image to enlarge

Delve of the Mist

Eligio brings us a play, pitting he and his comrades against the chilled dead.

Read it here.

A Kronos Tale

The Voting has Stopped! Thank you and we’re announcing the winners soon!

The 2nd Annual Winter Vacation Contest

Oh, the fun!

What have your characters been up to since the seasons turned to snow and ice?

The 2nd Annual Winter Vacation Contest is upon you! Show us what’s been going on in your persona’s life in Sketches, Doodles, Photoshops, audio or video… we’d love to see it. Submit it by February 19! Check out our past summer contest for inspiration!

What happened in Van’dal’s pirate adventure? What’s going on with Koe? Let us know! Then we’ll open up the votes, so the community can vote for their favorites.


First – 200 UP

Second – 100 UP

Third – 50 UP

We’re looking forward to see what you make!

The Winners of the Eldyrwood Summer Vacation Contest.

This was an incredibly close contest in the end, with the first and second place prizes having only two votes between them. That said, we’re giving both the 1st prize value of 150UP and the third will receive 100!

First Prize: Kirk Felton “Cragsmoor: No Going Home, Yet”

It’s a compelling story, wonderfully told…

Also wonderfully told is our second prize winner’s submission.

Second Prize: Megan B “Snack Run”

Hilarious, relevant and lively! Here’s hoping Koe got to eat that dang potato.

Third Place: Tj Jensen “Shipwrecked in the Dragon Dynasty”

Continuing the story from the Winter Break Contest, TJ sends pals to the Dragon Dynasty after a really bad shipwreck. I hope they got their noodles.

All in all, this was a fantastic contest. To see the other submissions, check out this gallery!


The Eldyrwood Summer Vacation Contest – Vote today!

The Eldyrwood Summer Vacation Art Contest got some truly amazing submissions. You can vote here, on this very site, for your favorites.  The prizes are:

  1. First Place – 150 UP
  2. Second Place – 100 UP
  3. Third Place – 50 UP

If you think you can’t view these pieces in their full-sized glory, just click on each image to see the majesty of your friend’s talent! Voting ends August 8.

Eligio’s Summer

Chimes Team Epic!

Darren’s Stargazing

Maille and Malakai’s Summer Vacation


Snack Run

Shipwrecked in the Dragon Dynasty

Cragsmoor Promise

Abaddon’s Curse

The Frozen North

“Past the fjords, in the great blue, we sing the songs of blood and ice. We take from the sea, and we return home. For the warm weather of the South brings softness and complacency. But here, here we are truly alive.” – Olaf Hvalfanger

The Northern Reaches of Pendaan are a mystery to most in Eldyrwood. Tales of berserk raiders, yeti, and great snow bears are shared around the hearth fires and taverns when the the first cold snaps bring frost to the fertile fields. But while teeth chatter from the winds of the Dark Moon, the people of the Northern Tribes are far from idle.  For the amusing tales of Southern bards and sailors are true. The Frozen North contains wonders and challenges unseen by in the more temperate climes of the larger continent.

The Peoples

The majority of  people in the Frozen North are human, belonging to Shamanistic tribes of hunter/gatherers, whalers, and holy people. Though there is a sect of Fortunites in Kar Nor, there is virtually no presence of Radiance, as the Light that most Northerners reckon as the sun, is not even felt for much of the year.

Ra’kash of the Snow Lion tribe eke out an existence within some settlements and within the southern pine forests. Their ancestry traced back to when the Dark Queen conquered the Northern Lands.

Kir Minok and Ice Hall are the major cities of the reclusive Frost Elves. Far from what they call, the “Summer Lands” of the Southern Continent, their culture remains remarkably unchanged by the outside world for hundreds of cycles.


In addition to these races, feral Wargs roam the tundra, while a small population of Dwarves mine during the warmer months, yielding great stores of gems and precious metals. On the continent, great fortunes can be found, should you not freeze to death.


While the cities of the coast and the Frost Elves’ domains contain civilization, there are many tribes that instead roam the tundra and wilds, living in patriarchal tribes, each with their own totem. The tribes carve out their livings from raiding, hunting, and following their spirits’ to avoid death. And death looms large in the North, whether its from the elements and geography, or the predators that stalk the snows.


In terms of trade with the Southern World, Hval Oil, fine liquors, rare plants, and fur are chief exports from Lindernoff. In recent cycles, the great peoples of the North have sent envoys to Eldyrwood, both to assist Jarls and to learn combat techniques from our militia. Though recent cultural exchanges and alliances have been welcome, the chill of winter is often cruel and undiscerning. Stay warm.

To learn more about the Frozen North, head over to our game library.