Entering Felnar

As part of getting to know our land better, we’re going to publish some summaries of the lands and people of Pendaan for our players and cast. The information below was pulled from the larger regional packet found in our library.

“Crossing the Neb, I could have headed North. But nay, here I am in Eldyrwood. A fantastic spot. Wide range of people from other countries. Danger and rewards, if you keep your head and follow the law. A place where the drinks are so strong,  there’s risk that nethermancers will have no shortage of preserved cadavers. Oh, look, a farmer has come into the tav – ” – Nils Smythe, Rest In Peace


The city of Felnar, and the lands under its rule, stands surrounded by the Midnight Moor to its North, the Rothruadh Mountains to its West, and the Forgotten Forest to the South.

While not as rich as Arkenstone, nor a mighty military power on the level of Varradon, Felnar has been a regular gateway city for trade. It has survived war, disease, and conquest and stands with a tenacity and proud history.

The Drakomyr family has ruled Felnar for centuries, often taking wives from noble families of Sarden or Arkenstone in order to strengthen alliances. Delegating rule  of outlying towns to governors, the Countess makes annual visits to the governors to check on their performance.


The faiths of Radiance and Fortune are followed in large numbers within Felnar and its holdings, with Shamanism being frowned upon, though still practiced in the rural and outlying areas.

Visitors to the main city can find The Sanctuary of Radiance and The Temple of Hope’s Vessel, which cater to the various schools of their respective faiths.


The “Masque” is a Felnar tradition based in the folklore that masks and costumes can disguise the living from the undead, fae, and other creatures seeking to steal mortals away at Eventide.

From the stringing of copper wires across doorways to keep out spirits, to the Keaning Pole at Haftane, Felnar has absorbed the holidays of its neighbors and married them to local customs that celebrate the seasons changing, and to ward off Fiends, the undead, Fae, and other entities.  The two great celebrations are Eventide, in the autumn, and Haftane, in the Spring.

As a vital way station for trade routes, Felnar has a relatively diverse makeup of peoples from all over Pendaan. While Beasts and some races are not granted the full rights under the law, slavery is illegal within its domain.


The repelling of a Fiend incursion within the town of Eldyrwood this past year.

Run by the three margraves, the town is filled with residents from all over Pendaan. It has been the site of numerous battles, and mystical conflagrations  over the past decade. The rough and tumble town has an disproportionate amount of residents that follow Shamanism, which is largely tolerated, if not outright legal.


Eldyrwood Residents assembled.

As the town of Eldyrwood is located in Felnar, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the laws  before you begin a grand adventure that leads to dark rites, desecration of a tavern, or bowing to the wrong person.


For a larger view of Felnar, its history, and regional customs, go to our library (requires login).

Casting Call: Come into the fold

At Mythical Journeys, we strive to give our players the an immersive and interactive experience. If you’ve never LARPed before, or if you had heard of us, but never experienced the game for yourself, signing up to cast with us is a fun and free way to get a feel for our world and game system.

Our next game is on the weekend of August 25, 2017, and we’d love to have you on the non-player side of the fence!

We provide:

  • Food and drinks
  • A place to sleep
  • Showers
  • Costuming, weapons, props, and character roles that are easy to understand
  • A supportive crew of people to show you the ropes!

Whether you want to be involved in the combat scenarios, or just add role-playing flavor to the game, we have the roles for you.

But what is really like?

We asked veteran plot writers and cast, Jeff and Sabrina, a few questions about their experience and what people should expect/bring:

What do you like most about casting?

Jeff: I like being able to experience the world of Mythical Journeys from multiple points of view. I enjoy helping bring to life stories with our Players, helping them to be the heroes or villains in their own adventures.

Sabrina: I like casting because I can bring characters to life. I love how it can change a player’s perception about the world and those who live in it.

There is no wrong way to help out on the Cast side of things…

How does casting help someone new to Mythical Journeys?
Jeff: Casting can give you a good sense of our collaborative world. You get the opportunity to play various classes of characters, people of various nations and religions, and exposure to combat. All of it at your level of interest.

We have people who like to fight, so they do that a lot. We have those who just like RP, and so they get used for those purposes. There is no wrong way to help out on the Cast side of things as long as you are enthusiastic, and willing to provide the best entertainment possible to our Players.

What should people bring with them that you normally see people neglect?

WHAT TO BRINGJeff: If people have their own costume pieces it can help in building out wardrobes for their various NPCs. We have an extremely large section of garb, but having your own additional stuff can be beneficial- especially with accessories (belts, pouches, etc). There are  not required at all though- at the bare minimum just your blacks (black shirts, black pants) and sleeping gear (blanket/pillow. We have mattresses and a place to sleep).

Sabrina: A belt, socks, towel, and a change of normal clothing kept in your car for Sunday. Personal makeup remover wipes can’t hurt.

Here’s how to register for cast:

  1. Log on, or sign up for a new account on MythicalJourneys.com.
  2. Click on the Events tab.
  3. Select the event you want to cast for (Fall 1 2017, August 25-27).
  4. Click the Cast button.
  5. Show up Friday evening on August 25 and meet the welcoming community of fellow cast-mates and players.

If you need any further help, you can send a Help Request (requites sign in).

We hope to see you there, friends! Spread the word. The more the merrier, or in some cases, scarier (for our players, that is).

The Town Crier – Setting the table


You love content. We all do. It’s what makes Mythical Journeys such an immersive game. You may have noticed we’ve been giving the social media and communications wing of Mythical Journeys an overhaul over the spring.

Our goal is simple. To keep you engaged with the world, even in the offseason, and to recruit more people into our supportive community. To do that, we’ve started the Town Crier, the newsletter and blog for MythicalJourneys.  Here we’ll have content, letters from staff, calls to action, forum highlights and more. This isn’t a replacement of our site, but a space where we can provide you with regular, easy to follow updates.

New Players

Leaping into new things can be daunting. By and large, LARP communities have an organic recruitment that spreads through word of mouth, but Mythical Journeys actively recruits from outside the gaming world at venues like the Connecticut Renaissance Faire.

Almost a third of our players hadn’t even tried live action role-playing before they found us. But the learning curve on a LARP can be steep.  What do I wear? Who can I be? Where is this held?  Our main page has those resources, but we’ll cover things like that here from time to time and provide you with material to begin your journey.

Casting Calls, In Game Regional Info, History Snippets, and More

Whether you’re new or not, the Town Crier will include content about what’s hot on the forum, brief summaries of history, regional spotlights, and more things that give a sense of Pendaan and the town of Eldyrwood.


We’ll also post pictures, multimedia, and calls to action (cast recruitment, PEL deadlines, etc) here so you don’t miss anything. We hope you’ll love it!