Summer Vacation Art contest.

Here we are! Our submissions were few this time around, but wonderfully entertaining.

First up, Nessa brings us a dream …. or was it?

I had a dream that me, Tuvon, Tor and Marténe and I went mini golfing in Cragsmoor….it couldn’t possibly be true, could it? I didn’t think so until I found this in my desk drawer…

Nessa Golf

Then Jean-Robert brings us this riveting new comic.

Eligio’s awesome play has a new excerpt:

Click to read the whole script.

And Kel continues his amazing audio interludes:

We’re collecting the votes over the next week! You can vote for your favorites here:

The 2nd Annual Winter Vacation Contest

Oh, the fun!

What have your characters been up to since the seasons turned to snow and ice?

The 2nd Annual Winter Vacation Contest is upon you! Show us what’s been going on in your persona’s life in Sketches, Doodles, Photoshops, audio or video… we’d love to see it. Submit it by February 19! Check out our past summer contest for inspiration!

What happened in Van’dal’s pirate adventure? What’s going on with Koe? Let us know! Then we’ll open up the votes, so the community can vote for their favorites.


First – 200 UP

Second – 100 UP

Third – 50 UP

We’re looking forward to see what you make!

The Winners of the Eldyrwood Summer Vacation Contest.

This was an incredibly close contest in the end, with the first and second place prizes having only two votes between them. That said, we’re giving both the 1st prize value of 150UP and the third will receive 100!

First Prize: Kirk Felton “Cragsmoor: No Going Home, Yet”

It’s a compelling story, wonderfully told…

Also wonderfully told is our second prize winner’s submission.

Second Prize: Megan B “Snack Run”

Hilarious, relevant and lively! Here’s hoping Koe got to eat that dang potato.

Third Place: Tj Jensen “Shipwrecked in the Dragon Dynasty”

Continuing the story from the Winter Break Contest, TJ sends pals to the Dragon Dynasty after a really bad shipwreck. I hope they got their noodles.

All in all, this was a fantastic contest. To see the other submissions, check out this gallery!


The Eldyrwood Summer Vacation Contest – Vote today!

The Eldyrwood Summer Vacation Art Contest got some truly amazing submissions. You can vote here, on this very site, for your favorites.  The prizes are:

  1. First Place – 150 UP
  2. Second Place – 100 UP
  3. Third Place – 50 UP

If you think you can’t view these pieces in their full-sized glory, just click on each image to see the majesty of your friend’s talent! Voting ends August 8.

Eligio’s Summer

Chimes Team Epic!

Darren’s Stargazing

Maille and Malakai’s Summer Vacation


Snack Run

Shipwrecked in the Dragon Dynasty

Cragsmoor Promise

Abaddon’s Curse

Eventide 2017

In a few days, our holiday kicks off. This year, the Sultan of the Sandridden Plains is sponsoring our festivities, giving the Felnar celebrations of Eventide a unique flavor. Here’s what you can expect this year:

Crypting Contest

From 12 – 3 bells on Satyrsday, Krystof de Versyss, will be judging the Crypting Contest.

Decorate your cabins, as is our tradition in Felnar, to resemble the tombs and crypts of Pendaan in order to ward off the dead when the veils are thinnest.  Also, in honor of Sandridden Plains

Viewing by the judges will be between 12 bells and 3 bell on Satyrsday,
With the winners announced during the Eventide feast that night!

Martial Might and Fighting Expo
At 3 bells on Satyrsday! In the Fighting Pits/Ampitheater. Your host, Taviendar, has more details:

The Baronness Fienna Welgory of Felnar and the Sultan Salah Bin Khalaf Al’Anka of the Sandridden Plains are hosting a martial competition in celebration of Eventide.

Rewards will be provided by our generous hosts. Healers will be present to provide aid to those that fall in combat.

Team Competition
Format: Single Elimination

Entrants: Teams of up to 3 people. “Teams” of 1 or 2 are acceptable. All entrants must be in good legal standing.

Combat Restrictions: NONE (with exception to illegal practices, such as poisoning the competition) – Teams are encouraged to diversify their capabilities. Practitioners of arcane and faith-based magics are encouraged to participate. All entrants must stay within the boundaries of the arena.

Free-for-all Melee
Format: Last Person Standing
Entrants: All entrants must be in good legal standing.
Combat Restrictions: NONE (with exception to illegal practices, such as poisoning the competition). All entrants must stay within the boundaries of the arena.

For more information, see the post.

Bardic Circle
At 4 bells, please join us in the amphitheater for a communal-style bardic in the form of our Southern relations. To entertain our guests and one another, let us sit together in a circle, as the nomads following their Pashas do, and exchange songs, riddles, jokes, dances, and more. Let our stories shield our spirits as the veil between worlds grows thin.

To accommodate those who must dine elsewhere, we ask that participants only share pieces that are 2 – 3 ticks long. Those coming to the circle that wish to hear and see, but not perform, may do so by sharing with the performers tokens (compliments, food, water, other small gifts).

There is no winner to be crowned, no grand prize to be sought, though the Sultan is giving restorative consumables to the performers as thanks for their participation.

Evening Party and Dance 
We will be entertaining the favored son of the Sultan on Satyrsday Evening, complete with food and drink provided by residents to share in the custom of our benefactors. Those bringing food or drink, or interested in doing so, should state that here.

Also,  please be on the lookout for a dance led by our own, Raeven. She and other performers will dance and teach a few steps that should be both fun and easy to do.  Dance lesson info is also found here!


Monarch of Straw Competition
The Purkish Tradition that invaded last year continues with another annual contest on what scarecrow will be given the title King/Queen of Straw and preside over watching our fields for another year. Last year, Maille’s Brunnhilde won. Who will get the title back this year? Tazmin shall be our judge! Please bring your scarecrows to town by the 9 bells on Suns Day!

Prizes to be won!

Canvas and Cups
Led by the talented, Sano Qualdpo Shakkur, you can learn the joy of painting.To mark an end to the holiday season, participants will paint a Cornucopia filled with produce, setting suns, gilded gourds, fairy’s lanterns, and other gorgeous components.

This lesson is suitable for residents of all artistic abilities. This will likely happen after Breaking Fast on Sun’s Day. Refreshments, paints, and instruction will be available. There are a spots left, please register here.

The Sandridden Plains


From the traveling diaries of Adventure Tim:

Whether as part of the nomadic tribe, ruled by Pashas, or living in the great city of  El’Idur, the people of the Sandridden Plains boast a proud history of honor and culture, contrasted against tribal traditions of conquest, raiding, and slavery. Believed to be the birthplace, of Radiance, the Sultanate of the Sandridden Plains endures within its nigh barren borders.

The Grand Sultan of El’ldur presides over his domain, dispensing law and justice in accordance to the tenets of Radiance and longstanding custom.


The Law of Hospitality grew from out necessity for survival in a harsh desert landscape. Its tenets are:

  • No one may harm their host nor their family
  • No host allows their guests to be harmed
  • Hospitality is invoked by the exchange of gifts

On the third point, if no gift is given, or the gift is refused, there is no invocation of the rights of hospitality.  However, the gifts need not be ornate or expensive, simply given in good faith. Water and food are acceptable, so long as they are given as a gift in which the host and guest share together. 

Destroying the covenant of hospitality is an egregious error.


Radiance in El’Idur is so steeped into history, one cannot divorce the faith from the city. In fact, the Shrine of the Radiant Hand is seen by a large portion of the faith as the birthplace of Radiance itself.  The Shrine, located in the Fireforge mountains is a site of pilgrimage for adherents of the date.  The great Paladin, Hazel Al’lvah was trained at the shrine, and he is believed to be the first Avatar of the Faith.

The undead that stalk the dunes and ruins of the plains, in service to the lich kings. These powerful creatures have brought ruin and death to many, and as such those who truck with such powers are no friends to the Sultanate of El’ldur. The City of Pyramids are their home. Travel there at your peril.


Sadly, slavery is a part of life in the Sandridden Plains. While no natural-born Radiant is permitted to be taken as a slave, converts in their servitude may still be seen as property. The Radiants of the area justify this to foreigners as slavery can often save a life.  Slaves may be freed, and once done so, are normal citizens.

Unlike many other nations, gender roles are still a factor in the Sultanate. A woman’s virtue is to be protected, and women are almost always veiled. Do not attempt to remove the veil. While masks are not favorable in some countries, this is a very different matter.

There is more, though, as a Fortunate traveler, I may not be the best to speak of them. You can learn more in the libraries of Felnar*, or probably just by talking to people.

*OOG: requires a login to the Mythical Journeys site.

Entering Felnar

As part of getting to know our land better, we’re going to publish some summaries of the lands and people of Pendaan for our players and cast. The information below was pulled from the larger regional packet found in our library.

“Crossing the Neb, I could have headed North. But nay, here I am in Eldyrwood. A fantastic spot. Wide range of people from other countries. Danger and rewards, if you keep your head and follow the law. A place where the drinks are so strong,  there’s risk that nethermancers will have no shortage of preserved cadavers. Oh, look, a farmer has come into the tav – ” – Nils Smythe, Rest In Peace


The city of Felnar, and the lands under its rule, stands surrounded by the Midnight Moor to its North, the Rothruadh Mountains to its West, and the Forgotten Forest to the South.

While not as rich as Arkenstone, nor a mighty military power on the level of Varradon, Felnar has been a regular gateway city for trade. It has survived war, disease, and conquest and stands with a tenacity and proud history.

The Drakomyr family has ruled Felnar for centuries, often taking wives from noble families of Sarden or Arkenstone in order to strengthen alliances. Delegating rule  of outlying towns to governors, the Countess makes annual visits to the governors to check on their performance.


The faiths of Radiance and Fortune are followed in large numbers within Felnar and its holdings, with Shamanism being frowned upon, though still practiced in the rural and outlying areas.

Visitors to the main city can find The Sanctuary of Radiance and The Temple of Hope’s Vessel, which cater to the various schools of their respective faiths.


The “Masque” is a Felnar tradition based in the folklore that masks and costumes can disguise the living from the undead, fae, and other creatures seeking to steal mortals away at Eventide.

From the stringing of copper wires across doorways to keep out spirits, to the Keaning Pole at Haftane, Felnar has absorbed the holidays of its neighbors and married them to local customs that celebrate the seasons changing, and to ward off Fiends, the undead, Fae, and other entities.  The two great celebrations are Eventide, in the autumn, and Haftane, in the Spring.

As a vital way station for trade routes, Felnar has a relatively diverse makeup of peoples from all over Pendaan. While Beasts and some races are not granted the full rights under the law, slavery is illegal within its domain.


The repelling of a Fiend incursion within the town of Eldyrwood this past year.

Run by the three margraves, the town is filled with residents from all over Pendaan. It has been the site of numerous battles, and mystical conflagrations  over the past decade. The rough and tumble town has an disproportionate amount of residents that follow Shamanism, which is largely tolerated, if not outright legal.


Eldyrwood Residents assembled.

As the town of Eldyrwood is located in Felnar, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the laws  before you begin a grand adventure that leads to dark rites, desecration of a tavern, or bowing to the wrong person.


For a larger view of Felnar, its history, and regional customs, go to our library (requires login).