MJ Summer Vacation Art Contest

Where have you been?

We’re a little under two months away from Mythical Journeys’ August event. Since the last event, what have your characters been up to? What do they do in the time between the Spring and Fall gathers? We want to see, hear, and/or read it. Here’s our annual Summer Vacation Art Contest.

Regardless of your artistic talent, you have a story to tell and we’re looking to showcase them. Whether it’s a podcast, video, comic, doodle, poem, or story, submit it to us by August 1 and then the community will vote for their favorites and they’ll win:

  • 200 UP – First Prize

  • 150 UP – Second
  • 100 UP – Third

Send your questions and submissions to contest@mj-towncrier.com. We’re looking forward to seeing what you bring to the table.

Winter Art Contest Submissions!

Look how far we have come. As we inch ever closer to March 22’s Spring 1 event, we threw out the call for art. And we got it. But not just visual. We were sent scripts, paintings, song notes, digital art, comics, podcasts and videos. This is exactly the type of thing we were looking for, and you didn’t disappoint. Here are our artists this time around!

Kel’s an Interlude Between Gathers

A short story about the happens of Kel between gathers. One should always keep their wits about them… especially when alone in the forest…

If you don’t have the ability to listen, Kel has you covered with the short story in readable format.

Koe’s “Raffle Tickets”

The return of the potato! Koe continues the comic story of life in Eldyrwood where the language barrier and customs can lead to interesting times.

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Nessa’s Winter Vacation

After months of battle and adventure, Nessa returns home to work in her Father’s business.

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Irinni and the Aguane

 Irinni spent large portions of her winter singing in the river with her new aquatic BFF

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Marténe’s Winter

Our constable’s endurance is tested.

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Jean-Robert de la Rue is not idle

A newcomer to the town protects those who deserve their rest.

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Delve of the Mist

Eligio brings us a play, pitting he and his comrades against the chilled dead.

Read it here.

A Kronos Tale

The Voting has Stopped! Thank you and we’re announcing the winners soon!