Announcing your winners!

This was an excellent contest! If you haven’t had the chance, please check out our last post that has everyone’s art, stories, and video submissions. You’re a talented group, and 191 votes later, we can announce our winners!

First Prize: An Interlude Between Gathers

This was an engaging story from one of Eldyrwood’s adventurous Shaman, and it was a delight. You can listen to it below. If that’s not your thing, he even wrote it out for you.

Second Prize: Jean-Robert de la Rue is not Idle

Kirk Felton does it again, and gives a singular story with some continuity to his one from the Summer Contest. It was a masterful piece, and the voters responded well.

Third Prize: Raffle Tickets!

Oh, Koe, the Potato… and the verbal assault of Corvus. This funny comic kept people in stitches.

Each of the winners has received their UP prize today and we’re really proud of them. Remember, there’s still time to register for our March event, and be sure to congratulate everyone on the Mythical Journeys board!

The Eldyrwood Summer Vacation Contest – Vote today!

The Eldyrwood Summer Vacation Art Contest got some truly amazing submissions. You can vote here, on this very site, for your favorites.  The prizes are:

  1. First Place – 150 UP
  2. Second Place – 100 UP
  3. Third Place – 50 UP

If you think you can’t view these pieces in their full-sized glory, just click on each image to see the majesty of your friend’s talent! Voting ends August 8.

Eligio’s Summer

Chimes Team Epic!

Darren’s Stargazing

Maille and Malakai’s Summer Vacation


Snack Run

Shipwrecked in the Dragon Dynasty

Cragsmoor Promise

Abaddon’s Curse