The Town Crier – Setting the table


You love content. We all do. It’s what makes Mythical Journeys such an immersive game. You may have noticed we’ve been giving the social media and communications wing of Mythical Journeys an overhaul over the spring.

Our goal is simple. To keep you engaged with the world, even in the offseason, and to recruit more people into our supportive community. To do that, we’ve started the Town Crier, the newsletter and blog for MythicalJourneys.  Here we’ll have content, letters from staff, calls to action, forum highlights and more. This isn’t a replacement of our site, but a space where we can provide you with regular, easy to follow updates.

New Players

Leaping into new things can be daunting. By and large, LARP communities have an organic recruitment that spreads through word of mouth, but Mythical Journeys actively recruits from outside the gaming world at venues like the Connecticut Renaissance Faire.

Almost a third of our players hadn’t even tried live action role-playing before they found us. But the learning curve on a LARP can be steep.  What do I wear? Who can I be? Where is this held?  Our main page has those resources, but we’ll cover things like that here from time to time and provide you with material to begin your journey.

Casting Calls, In Game Regional Info, History Snippets, and More

Whether you’re new or not, the Town Crier will include content about what’s hot on the forum, brief summaries of history, regional spotlights, and more things that give a sense of Pendaan and the town of Eldyrwood.


We’ll also post pictures, multimedia, and calls to action (cast recruitment, PEL deadlines, etc) here so you don’t miss anything. We hope you’ll love it!