The Winners of the Eldyrwood Summer Vacation Contest.

This was an incredibly close contest in the end, with the first and second place prizes having only two votes between them. That said, we’re giving both the 1st prize value of 150UP and the third will receive 100!

First Prize: Kirk Felton “Cragsmoor: No Going Home, Yet”

It’s a compelling story, wonderfully told…

Also wonderfully told is our second prize winner’s submission.

Second Prize: Megan B “Snack Run”

Hilarious, relevant and lively! Here’s hoping Koe got to eat that dang potato.

Third Place: Tj Jensen “Shipwrecked in the Dragon Dynasty”

Continuing the story from the Winter Break Contest, TJ sends pals to the Dragon Dynasty after a really bad shipwreck. I hope they got their noodles.

All in all, this was a fantastic contest. To see the other submissions, check out this gallery!